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What to Expect after Macrolane Breast Treatment

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If the breast Macrolane treatment goes to plan as it does in the vast majority of cases, then the post-operative care to make sure that your surgery is a success is relatively simple. The most inconvenient part of the after care is the fact that you have to wear a strong and supportive sports bra non-stop for up to one week after the Macrolane injections have been administered. Because of this you are unable to fully wash the upper area of your torso and would therefore have to sponge wash yourself for the week after the treatment to protect yourself from infections that could affect the area where the incisions were made. You could also be advised to take antibiotics for up to a week after the procedure to again ensure that you are fully protected against infection and pain and that the side effects are minimal.

If the treatment goes well and without any problems or side effects then you can expect than in no less than a week later you are fully recovered and you are able to carry on with your normal daily routine. However, for the couple of days directly after your treatment you may still feel a little numb around the area that was treated with the hyaluronic acid gel and extra care should be taken.

Do I have to have more Macrolane treatments to keep the enhancement updated?

Macrolane is not a permanent treatment and if you would like to maintain your newly enhanced look you have to then go through the whole treatment again even up to as often as every two years. Macrolane is also often referred to as a gateway cosmetic procedure as many patients like the end results of the treatment so much that they then decide to go ahead with a more permanent procedure such as the silicone breast implants so they do not have to spend so much money on the up-keep of their cosmetic surgery. With Macrolane as with all cosmetic procedures there is a chance of side effects from the surgery and this could affect your recovery time after the Macrolane injections.

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