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Suitability for Macrolane Breasts - Are you Suitable?

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Before deciding to go ahead with the Macrolane procedure, you should assess your own suitability for the treatment before going in for the initial consultancy at a cosmetic clinic.

Most people choose to use Macrolane due to the fact that it is a non-invasive surgery that can improve their body without leaving scars and without having to deal with rigorous post-operative care. Also, if you are not in the position where you can have a long period off from work then a walk in, walk out procedure such as Macrolane is a perfect way to get around this situation whilst still being able to have cosmetic surgery without the weeks off that are needed for recovery with the more intrusive cosmetic treatments.

Macrolane can also be a suitable procedure for men as the injections can be used to increase and define the contours of the body, for example Macrolane is commonly used to enhance the stomach, chest and pectoral muscles. Again as with women, the men that are most suitable for this procedure are those who gently want to increase the size and definition of their body on a more temporary basis rather than in a dramatic and permanent way.

Who is an Unsuitable Candidate for Macrolane?

Obviously your own personal medical history will have to be taken into account and the surgeon will have to assess the risk factors on aspects such as family history of cancer especially breast cancer, or if you have a history of blood disorders for example haemophilia or if you have been previously known to be allergic to any local anaesthetics.

If you are looking to only use Macrolane injections to enhance your breast size there are also some unique suitability issues to be considered. For example, the Macrolane treatment will only be able to increase the breast size up to one full cup and perhaps even less than this depending on the size of the patient’s breasts to begin with. The most suitable candidates are those who have a breast size of around an A to C cup, plus women with breasts that have younger and suppler skin with the size of the breast tissue being above1cm thick, as very thin skin may not be suitable to accept the Macrolane injections. Women who have heavy or dropping breasts with distinct stretch marks are also generally considered unsuitable for the Macrolane treatment due to the fact that the procedure is less intense than surgery and therefore the results would not be satisfactory and there is also a chance that if the treatment did go ahead, the results would not even make a noticeable impact on the look or the volume of the breasts. The treatment is also useful to women who are looking to enhance their breast symmetry as well as the general size and volume.

There are some factors that can make you completely unsuitable for example:

  • If a woman is pregnant or is still actively breast-feeding a child.
  • If there is a history of any type of cancer within the immediate family.
  • If a candidate has previously suffered from chest wall problems.
  • If a patient is allergic to any type of local anaesthetic.
  • If a patient has previously suffered or is suffering from breast diseases such as mastitis, or has had breast inflammation of infection problems.

There are many factors that have to be looked into before deciding on going ahead with the Macrolane treatment, and the above factors are just some of the main issues that should be considered before deciding on your cosmetic treatment. Before any cosmetic surgery there will be a consultancy period in which the treatment will be thoroughly discussed and your suitability will have to be carefully assessed.

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