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Having Macrolane Treatment Abroad

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Macrolane was initially used in Sweden with the first treatments used in the UK being performed in 2007. The Macrolane injections then became widely used all over the UK in 2008. Because Macrolane is a relatively new procedure, many other counties have not yet been able to introduce the treatment. Macrolane is widely available in European countries but in some other countries such as Japan and Singapore, the treatment is rarely available..

Where can I go for the Macrolane treatment?

Here are some examples of the European counties that widely offer the treatment:

  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Poland

Here are some other countries around the world that offer the Macrolane treatment but not as widely spread:

  • Singapore
  • Brazil
  • Malaysia
  • India

The countries that offer the Macrolane procedures very rarely offer a substantial discounted price to that of the UK, as the treatment is still relevantly new in these countries. Other countries such as the USA and Australia are still waiting for the Macrolane injection procedure to be approved, as they have not yet had the chance to fully explore the treatment and its many risks and hidden side effects. There are reports from the USA that many surgeons are planning to use the treatment as soon as it becomes legalised, as they feel that the Macrolane injections are a safe and efficient way of enhancing the look, feel and volume of breasts and various other parts of the body in a more natural way.

What are the risks of having Macrolane abroad?

You have to be careful when going abroad for any cosmetic surgery as there are many legal, ethical and health issues that could affect you if you go abroad. For example, in some countries the clinics may not always offer such thorough post-operative care which could make you more prone to infections and post-surgery risks. Many countries have high levels of different diseases to contend with such as typhoid, which you would then have to be immunised against before entering the country, which could leave your body more vulnerable to the risks and side effects of the Macrolane treatment.

What should I consider before deciding to have Macrolane abroad?

If you decide to go ahead with having Macrolane abroad make sure that you research the clinic thoroughly before you decide to go ahead with the procedure. Try to speak to patients who have had the Macrolane injections to make sure that the clinic does deliver what is promised. You also have to make sure that you think about the pricing before you go ahead with the treatment because even if it does seem as though you may get a discount on your Macrolane injections abroad, you have to make sure that you know what is included in this price. You may have to pay extra to see the surgeon again after the treatment has taken place, where as in the UK this is normally included in the overall agreed cost. The cost of the flights and the hotels are generally not included in the overall price of the surgery and therefore must be added on to the total bill. You should also consider the general expenditure that you would have with traveling to another country for example, travel insurance.

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