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Initial Consultation for Macrolane

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The initial consultation for the Macrolane treatment is one of the most important parts of the procedure but some clinics do not include this in the price of the overall treatment so make sure that you aware of any charges before you book this appointment. It is in this first consultation where you can explain to the surgeon exactly what you want and the results that you are expecting from the Macrolane treatment. You can discuss the desired size, volume and shape of the area of the body that you want to be treated and it is here where you can also discuss with the surgeon the amount of injections that have to be used within the procedure to be able to get the desired breasts that you want.

Will I find out the price of my Macrolane treatment at the first consultation?

After discussing the amount of Macrolane injections that you want to be used ob your breasts, you can then discuss the price with the surgeon. Remember that Macrolane is unique in that if you are halfway through the procedure and you decide you actually want some more injections you can do so; however it is important to remember that the price that was quoted to you previously will not be the same if you have further injections. You can also use the initial consultation to discuss the different payment methods that are available, for example you can ask for advice on paying in monthly installments and also you can ask for an in-depth breakdown of the price so you can see exactly what you are getting for your money and so you can make sure that there are no hidden costs.

In this initial consultation your medical history is checked over and then assessed for anything that may become a problem, either during or after the Macrolane treatment. The surgeon will be looking for things such as if your family has a history of cancer or if you are allergic to either the local anaesthetic or to any of the drugs, antibiotics or even the Macrolane injections themselves that will be used within or after the breast procedure.

Will I know if I am a suitable candidate for the Macrolane treatment at the first consultation?

By looking at your medical history the surgeon will then be able to tell you if you are a suitable candidate or not for the Macrolane breast treatment. The surgeon will also see if you are a suitable candidate and if the effects that you want from the surgery are realistically achievable. If you want to use the Macrolane injections on your breasts the treatment can only improve and enhance your breast size by up to one cup, so therefore if you desire a more dramatic effect you will then be advised by the surgeon to seek alternative treatments such as breast implants.

The initial consultation will also be the place where the procedure is described and explained to you in depth so you can fully understand what will be done to your body and the consequences that it may have. It is also the opportunity for you to have any questions answered before the treatment and any worries that you have, to be reassured by the surgeon before you pay for the Macrolane treatment.

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