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Cost of Macrolane - Are Macrolane Breasts Expensive?

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As Macrolane is still one of the most revolutionary methods of cosmetically enhancing your body the prices therefore often reflect this. For example the average price for a 100ml Macrolane injection in each breast costs around £2000 to £3000, however there are also 130ml injections available, which for both breasts would cost around £3,600.

How much does the Macrolane breasts up-keep cost?

Macrolane only lasts between 12-18 months the cost therefore increases if you want to keep the looks and the benefits of the Macrolane 'Boob Jab' updated. The top-up procedure often costs a little less than the first procedure as it tends to require less Macrolane injections as some of previous gel will still be present within the breast tissue. These top-up procedures tend to cost around £1,500 for a 30ml injection into each breast. So if you begin to add up the cost of using these Macrolane injections over a long period of time, it would be more cost effective to perhaps consider a more long-term cosmetic surgery such as implants.

It is also possible for you to tell the surgeon exactly how much of the gel you would like to be injected, as the use of local anaesthetic allows you to be awake throughout the procedure. Therefore, the quote that you are given before the procedure could increase or decrease depending on if you stick with the initial amount of Macrolane injections that was agreed before the treatment began.

Different prices for different areas of the body

Macrolane injections can also cost different prices depending on what area of your body you would like to use them on. If you are wanting to use Macrolane injections on the buttock area, you will see your surgeon to talk about the desired effects that you want from your surgery before you are quoted a price. From this consultation the surgeon will be able to discuss with you the volume of Macrolane which should be used to get you the effects that you want. However, the cost does tend to be a little higher than that of the breast enhancing injections with prices ranging from £2000 - £4000.

These initial consultations are usually free, however this is not always the case and you should always enquire about this before you book an appointment at a clinic.

It is also highly recommended that any patients considering Macrolane injection treatments should obtain lots of different quotes from various different clinics to try and find the best possible deal to suit their own individual needs. Many clinics will be able to tell you the basic prices over the phone without the need to travel to the clinic for a consultancy, therefore allowing you to explore many different possibilities.

Macrolane Breast Surgery & the NHS

Macrolane like many other cosmetic surgeries is not available on the NHS, as a body enhancing treatment. This leaves many patients unable to afford the treatments without taking out large loans or using alternative paying methods such as using credit cards.

How can I pay for the Macrolane treatment?

One of the alternatives that many cosmetic patients use to pay for their surgery is through medical loans. Many clinics work in partnership alongside medical loan companies which provide advice and in many cases financial help to allow you to go ahead with the treatment that you want. You should find that with many of these medical loans, once you have been approved for the loan the money then comes through extremely fast, allowing you to go ahead with your treatment without having to wait for a long period of time. However, as with any sort of loan scheme your credit history and score will have to be taken into account before your application for the loan can be approved.

Special offers on Macrolane Treatment Prices

Clinics can also offer patients ‘pay as you go’ treatments or a fixed cost treatment so that you know how much you are going to have to pay without having to suffer any hidden costs after your treatment. These fixed prices tend to include all hospital charges, the time spent consulting, and a follow up meeting with your surgeon to make sure that the post-operative care has been effective and that there are no side effects. The clinic may also be able to offer you an interest free loan for your treatment and many clinics offer competitive pricing structures and so it is easy to be able to find a good deal. For example, if you are able to quote a price for your treatment that an alternative clinic has offered you, other clinics are then able to price match that quote or even offer some significant discount so that you are able to find the very best deal possible.

Some clinics also provide the opportunity to pay in installments for the cosmetic procedures, for example allowing you to pay monthly or even weekly for your treatment. However if you are interested in paying this way you should seek advice from your surgeon at the initial meeting, and if it is agreed that you will be paying in installments an initial deposit is often required before the procedure can go ahead.

Nearly every cosmetic clinic will accept payments by cash, credit card or cheque however, if you do plan to pay via the cheque method most clinics do require you to pay at least seven days in advance before your surgery so that the cheque has time to clear.

Does health insurance for the Macrolane treatment cost extra?

Many clinics can also offer their prospective patients cosmetic procedure insurance which can protect you from any adverse or unwanted effects from the treatment for example infections, scarring and even capsular contraction. Paying these extra fees for insurance could in the long run protect you from costly reparative procedures and save you a lot of time and money.

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