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Types of Macrolane for Bigger Breasts

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Macrolane is relatively unique in its technology however, there are different types of body enhancing injections from the same cosmetic family that can offer similar results which are worth considering when deciding which treatment is best for you.

Restylane is an injection which acts very much like Macrolane, however it is more commonly used on the smaller areas of the body which need enhancing for example facial features such as lips and melomental folds which are the wrinkles that are commonly found around the delicate eye area also known as ‘crow’s feet’. Like Macrolane the injections are not permanent however Restylane does not last as long as Macrolane with the effects only lasting between 6-12 months. Further, the cost is also quite a high one when compared to other cosmetic surgery alternatives such as Botox.

What other treatments use Hyaluronic acid?

Another type of body enhancing injection like Macrolane is Hylaform which uses the same hyaluronic acid. Hylaform like Restylane is also primarily used on facial features to disguise and rejuvenate ageing skin. As the procedure uses hyaluronic acid in the same way that Macrolane does it is often favoured by many medical clinics as it is a natural compound which is found in the body of animal, and therefore more people do not reject the gel when it is injected into the body therefore causing less of a risk of side effects such as capsular contraction.

Hylaform and Macrolane often go hand in hand together as they are extremely similar products and use the same hyaluronic acid in the procedure however; Hylaform treats facial features whereas Macrolane is more suited to the larger jobs such as breast and buttock enhancements. Therefore the two treatments are often advised to a client together as they can then offer a full package when wanting to enhance various areas of your body. If you have previously used Hylaform injections and the treatment has been a success it is then more likely that your body would have no side effects when the hyaluronic acid is used in the Macrolane injections in larger parts of the body.

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