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Administrating Macrolane

All varieties of the Macrolane treatments must be administered by trained professionals and therefore the treatment is not widely available in places such as beauty salons due to the nature of the training and qualifications that is needed to be able to perform the Macrolane procedure. This is because the Macrolane treatments current status is defined as a ‘medical device’ and therefore only medically trained personnel should carry out the procedure.

Practitioner & Surgeon Qualifications

The Macrolane treatment surgeons have to be fully trained by the company which has produced Macrolane; Q-Med. This involves various courses and training at many different levels and these courses than advance the surgeon’s knowledge about the Macrolane injections and also the skills and business studies that surround it. It is especially important that it is a qualified practitioner when treating breasts, as the surgeon must have an excellent knowledge of the breast anatomy to make sure that the treatment is administered to the highest quality and that the procedure is completely safe for the client.

How can I find the best Macrolane surgeon?

To be able to find the best Macrolane surgeons you have to extensively research the many clinics and look at their reputability and also what previous clients have thought of the treatment and most importantly the surgeon, that will be administering the Macrolane injections. Also, when going for your initial consultation with the practitioner if you have any doubts you can always ask to see their training certificates to make sure that they have relevant experience in the treatment that you are wanting. This should be done especially if you are considering treatment abroad as sometimes in different counties various training regulations apply and may not meet the criteria of the UK cosmetic surgery standards.

Another important factor that should be looked at when picking your Macrolane practitioner is that you should consider how experienced the doctors are and the success rate of their treatments that they have previously performed. Many clinics make this sort of information widely available on their website or leaflets to advertise their Macrolane treatments and this is a very good indicator of the quality of the service that you will receive. Plus, the more macrolane breast treatement experience that the surgeon has the more likely that they are going to be able to handle difficult and challenging situations that may arise.

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