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Recovery from Macrolane Breast Enhancement

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With Macrolane breast enhancement, there is very little recovery time needed and if you are unable to have much time off of work for your cosmetic surgery, than Macrolane is a good treatment to consider, as you can have the procedure and leave the clinic on the same day. It is also advised by many Macrolane surgeons that if you have the breast enhancement injections then you must not sleep on your front for at least a week and likewise with buttock enhancing injections it is advised not to sleep on the back until there is no pain when putting pressure on the treated area, this is to reduce the risk of swelling and bruising.

Is there any pain after the Macrolane treatment?

It does take at least a few days for the numbness to wear off after the treatment, this is often due to the local anaesthetic which was administered during the surgery, and of course no rigorous activities such as lifting heavy objects or strenuous exercise should be done in the first few weeks after the surgery. Some previous patients that have undergone this surgery do often complain of swelling and slight bruising around the site of the incisions and occasionally an infection can occur however, this is normally relatively easily to solve with antibiotics.

How long does it take to recover from Macrolane if there are any side effects?

The only problem with the recovery time from the Macrolane surgery is that if the treatment does not go to plan then the chances of having different side effects increase and this will obviously affect the time spent in the recovery period. With the use of Macrolane on the breasts there have been reports that it does in fact create painful palpable lumps and extra treatments are required to massage these areas or further injections are required. This then radically increases the time and amount of pain that has to be dealt with during the recovery period. Another problem which may occur after your Macrolane treatment is if your body rejects the hyaluronic acid within the gel and this can lead to even further problems, which would affect your recovery time, such as capsular contractions.

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