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The Macrolane Treatment Procedure

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The Macrolane procedure is well known for its simplicity and is often described as a ‘walk in walk out’ treatment as the injections only take around 30 minutes to an hour to be administered and it only takes a short time to be fully recovered after the procedure.

What happens during the Macrolane treatment?

The patient is first given a local anaesthetic around the sites where the incisions are going to be made, the surgeon will then place a small thin tube into the area that is being treated and they then insert the gel into the inner layer of the skin. Throughout this procedure particularly when having the breast enhancement surgery, you can also advise the surgeon whilst they are carrying out the procedure how much gel you would like to be injected. This in itself is a revolutionary aspect of the Macrolane enhancement treatment for breast enhancement surgery as it allows your breasts to be tailored to your exact and specific requirements.

After the gel has been inserted the place of the incision will have to be closed together with a small stitch which sometimes can leave a small scar. If the Macrolane treatment is used on the breasts these scars tend to be unnoticeable due to the area which they are in which is mostly under the breasts on the bra-line. This stitch can either be dissolvable or permanent but with the latter option you would then have to have it removed by the surgeon, and this would mean returning to the clinic.

What chemicals and ingredients are used in the Macrolane treatment and are they safe?

The main ingredient that is present within the gel is hyaluronic acid. This acid is a naturally occurring compound that exists within the body of an animal. This acid which is used within the Macrolane treatment contains polysaccharide molecules which are what makes the treated area of the body increase in volume and therefore grow in size, or particularly when Macrolane is used in a man’s body the molecules make the muscle appear more defined. This is because these molecules attract the water and moisture within the body and therefore this makes the treated area larger and fuller looking.

Macrolane breast enhancement can become a repetitive surgery as it can often take several tries at the procedure to get the exact results that you want. Macrolane is a non-permanent solution to breast and body enhancement and you will be required to have a top up of the treatment every 12 to 18 months to be able keep your new enhanced body looking how it did after the surgery. It is worth noting that top-up procedures do cost a lot less.

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