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Alternatives to Macrolane

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As Macrolane is a relatively new cosmetic treatment many of the alternatives to these revolutionary injections are not new procedures, but are ones that have been previously used before Macrolane became a wide spread treatment.

The main alternative to the breast enhancing injection is breast implants. The two main types of implants that are commonly used are saline-filled or silicone gel-filled and they are placed within the breast for a more long-term breast enhancement result. Breast implants are usually used to either reconstruct the breasts after diseases such as cancer or if there is a deformity with your breasts. The implants are also used for cosmetic reasons such as to enhance the look, feel, size and volume of the breasts and unlike Macrolane there is not such a rigorously suitability test to have and most patients, whatever the size of their breasts are able to go ahead with this procedure. 

When choosing this cosmetic procedure you must be aware that having breast implants is a much more intrusive surgery than Macrolane and you also have to undergo general anaesthetic and there is a much greater risk of side effects such as infections, scarring and swelling.

Is there a non-surgical breast enhancement alternative to Macrolane?

Another alternative to the Macrolane injections when choosing a breast enhancing procedure is the growing market of herbal tablets and supplements which claim to be able to achieve a cheaper and completely non-surgical enhancement of your breasts. These tablets are also commonly known as ‘breast enhancement pills.’ The manufacturers of many of these pills argue that because the body can make the breasts naturally increase and decrease in size, for example when a woman is pregnant it is therefore realistic to able to achieve a breast enhancement naturally. Many of the herbal tablets contain chemicals which are called phyto-oestrogens which are found in plant-foods and they are able to trick the body into thinking that it is pregnant and therefore increasing the breast size and volume. However many medical experts including Cancer Research UK advise against theses tablets as they claim that many of them have not been fully researched and therefore the long term effects are not fully known and should be used if at all with extreme caution and only after lots of research.

The other main alternative that can be used to Macrolane is Botox. For example, this can be used to improve the appearance of pectoral muscles, the look of breasts, and really any other area of the body that Macrolane can be used. However, Botox like Macrolane can have risk and side effects such as swelling and bruising and scarring at the site of the injection. There are also reported long-term effects of Botox such as muscle weakness and ‘dropping’. Plus Botox unlike Macrolane can be used on facial features such as the lips and be used on more delicate areas of the body. Also Botox is often a lot cheaper than the Macrolane treatment as it has been around for a longer period of time and therefore it is a more common treatment.

There are many alternatives to Macrolane however like all cosmetic treatments, with each procedure come its own risks and side effects and all treatments should be carefully considered and researched.

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