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Why is Macrolane Breast Treatment Popular?

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A key factor that contributes to the Macrolane injections being so popular is the fact that the affects from the injections are not permanent as they only last 12-18 months. And so if the patient does not like the effect that the Macrolane injections have had on their body the gel will disintegrate and therefore remove itself from the body with rarely no lasting long term results or effects.

Whilst having the Macrolane injections you are able to stop at any time during the procedure, for example if you feel that the treated area is growing or increasing above the size that you previously thought would be correct or on the other hand you can also ask for more injections to be used if you feel that you want a more dramatic enhancement. This in itself is an exclusive extra that Macrolane offers as the patient truly does feel in control over their body and the procedure. With many other cosmetic surgeries you are under general anaesthetic and so obviously you are unable to communicate with the surgeon during the treatment and cannot discuss the look and the feel of your body and the effects that you want.

The Macrolane injections can have a positive impact on the different areas of the body that have been treated and your body image and general self confidence can be boosted.

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