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Risks & Side Effects of Macrolane Breast Enhancement

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Even though there are many positive features of the Macrolane treatment, you must always stop and consider the risks that are involved and the reported side effects that could happen if the procedure does unfortunately go wrong.

What do I need to do after the Macrolane treatment to make sure it is successful?

Macrolane surgeons advise that all patients that have had the injections must pay the upmost attention to the aftercare that is needed. Firstly, a waterproof dressing or bandage should be worn over the treated area to keep the wounds clean and infection free until the injection sites are fully recovered. Plus a good support bra should be worn at all times for at least a week after the breast enhancing injections and therefore just sponge washing the upper torso is the best way to keep the injection sites sanitised. There is also normally a three-day course of antibiotics that is prescribed by the clinic to keep the pain down to a minimum after the local anaesthetic has worn off.

The surgeons also warn prospective patients that even if this aftercare procedure is followed perfectly there is still a good chance of swelling especially around the injection sites, plus a minimal amount of bruising will also occur and there is also a small chance of bleeding. Also infections could occur if the sites of the injections are not kept clean and sterile. It has also been reported from some of the past users of the Macrolane injections that at times in their breast tissue they were left with scars just below their bra line. Consultants also warn that some patients may have an allergic reaction to the hyaluronic acid which is in the Macrolane injections but this can be treated by either the removal of the gel from the area that was treated (also known as aspiration) or having further injections using an enzyme which is injected into the treated area to disperse the gel which is known as 'hyaluronidase.'

Known Side Effects of the Macrolane Treatment

Even though the surgeons warn prospective patients about the above risks there have also been reports from previous users of Macrolane of side effects, which they were not warned about prior to their treatment. For example, many women that have used the Macrolane injections in their breasts have complained of them becoming hard and having several lumps develop after the first few days after the treatment, and at times their breasts have become uneven due to one breast reacting better to the gel than the other. A firm massage can be used to help break up the lumps of the gel within the breast tissue; however the final end product of the Macrolane injections is then not always of the same standard.

There have also been more sinister reports of the Macrolane treatment for example, the needle could indeed perforate the chest wall if not inserted correctly, or the gel could create a capsular contraction which is an extremely painful side effect in which the immune system within the body can reject the Macrolane gel which can then leave the breasts painful, hard and with palpable lumps.

Finally, with the effects of the Macrolane injections not being very long lasting with only an estimate of the enhancement lasting up to 12-18 months, many argue that Macrolane breast enhancement leaves the patient in a more vulnerable situation than that of a person who only has to go through one intrusive operation i.e. breast implants.

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