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Booking an appointment for your Macrolane treatment is relatively simple as it is just a matter of emailing or phoning your chosen clinic and booking a first consultation meeting. After initially contacting the clinic it often takes up to 30 days for your application to be processed and your Macrolane treatment to take place.

How do I know which clinic is the best to have my Macrolane treatment in?

Choosing a clinic is one of the main problems that most people struggle with and it is also extremely time consuming and it is of the upmost importance that the clinic is thoroughly researched before signing up for any treatment. Some useful factors to research about the clinics are things such as; what is included in the quoted price like the post-operative care and the meeting with your surgeon after the Macrolane injections. Other factors should be considered such as how many successful treatments have taken place at the clinic and how many patients have had side effects or problems with the procedure at that particular clinic. A good way of researching this is to talk first hand to patients that have had cosmetic surgery at the prospective clinic to see if their experience was a positive one and to see if after the treatment they suffered from any of the risks or side effects. Also try to see if they were happy with the value for money that the procedure offered.

Do I still have to pay for my Macrolane treatment if I cancel it at short notice?

Another important aspect of the treatment that you must consider when signing up and booking your initial Macrolane appointments is what is the clinic’s policy on cancellations and if there are any other hidden extra costs that you should know about. For example, if you cancel your procedure early on in the process, you may only have to pay for the administration costs and the surgeon fees. However, with some of the clinics if you cancel the Macrolane treatments at a short notice often within 7 days of the treatment then you may be liable to pay for the total costs of the procedure, so it is extremely important to make sure that before you sign any contracts or pay any money you must fully understand the policy of the clinic.

Also if you are just interested in having a talk about the procedure to a surgeon make sure you know the cost of this as some clinics do offer this service for free and part of the overall treatment, however other clinics do charge for this by the hour and they could also charge extra for the services and examinations such as blood tests that could take place within this first consultation meeting.

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