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Macrolane for Your Chest

Both men and women are prone to desiring a more defined and satisfying chest. Men may wish to enhance and shape the Pecs and tone the chest, as well as disguise any loss of muscle mass or enhance the appearance after liposuction. Women may feel their breasts lose volume over time, or wish to enhance the size, shape and fullness of their breasts. Macrolane approved for use of volume restoration and shaping of body surfaces and may be able to provide a solution for this type of cosmetic procedure, without having to resort to surgical procedures which can leave scarring.

Macrolane is a clear gel which reacts with your body causing the production of water and the tensing and firming of the surrounding flesh designed to plump and firm your body using your body’s own natural processes. Macrolane is made from a base of hyaluronic acid close to the natural sugar acids already present in your body. Unlike most collagen products it is not animal based and so works in harmony with the body’s own responses and this means the risk of an adverse reaction is much lower. Positive results can be seen almost immediately after a treatment of Macrolane, and lasts for around 9 to 12 months.

What is treatment for chests with Macrolane like?

The advantage of treatment on chests with a product based on hyaluronic acid is that you don’t have to undergo any invasive surgical procedure. After a consultation with your aesthetic practioner or plastic surgeon you will have an appointment scheduled for your treatment. This will involve a small injection of local anaesthetic followed by a series of small injections of Macrolane in the desired area of treatment with an ultra-fine needle. The hyaluronic acid will begin to react with the skin in your chest immediately, and you may be able to see visible results very shortly after the procedure has been carried out. After the treatment is completed the effects of the anaesthetic will fade to leave you with a feeling of slight tenderness around the treated area. A little redness and swelling can be expected immediately after the procedure. The manufactures of Macrolane promise a quick recovery time and you ought to be able to return to work within a couple of days of treatment. A routine of post-care ought to be recommended for you by your aesthetic practioner, usually including firm massage of the treated area for a couple of weeks after undergoing the procedure, and after a treatment of Macrolane on your breasts you ought to wear a supportive bra constantly for a couple of weeks and avoid sleeping on your belly. Your aesthetic practioner should invite you back for a follow-up consultation to check that the procedure has gone smoothly and to ensure that you have received the best possible patient care. The effects of Macrolane tend to last around twelve months, with a little variation depending on the individual. At this time you might need to schedule a repeat treatment with your aesthetic practioner.

Risks Involved

Breast or chest surgery is often considered as risky, which is why a non-invasive treatment such as Macrolane can be so attractive for both men and women. There are some risks entailed with any surgical procedure, however. The general risks of any procedure, such as infection or allergy, do apply to Macrolane and so your aesthetic practioner ought to carefully discuss all possible outcomes with you before you agree to undertake any procedure. However, unlike collagen there is a low risk of an allergic reaction, as it is a non-animal based product and is based on the natural acids found in your skin. One concern that people often have is that injection with a treatment such as Macrolane could obscure a mammogram scan. However studies have shown that it does not substantially affect future mammograms, but if you are concerned about this you ought to consult both your regular GP and your plastic surgeon.

The most common side-effect is the gel becoming hardened under the skin, but following a good routine of post-care and especially firm massage of the chest ought to prevent this. If any adverse effects do occur you ought to consult your aesthetic practioner or general practioner immediately.

Q-Med, the company that produces Macrolane is based in Sweden and has an excellent record of safety and high standards in the production and testing of its products. When you are researching your clinics you might consider visiting the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons’ website to check if your aesthetic practioner is a member. This organisation registers all its members with the General Medical Council, and requires them to undergo regular checks and tests to ensure they have the highest possible standards of care, surgical skill and hygiene.

Costs of Macrolane for the chest area

Macrolane has only recently started being used for chest shaping and breast enhancement, but hyaluronic treatments are pretty common and the costs in general have come down a great deal in the past few years. You can expect to pay from around £2500 for a full chest treatment; however the cost varies depending of the scale of treatment, and on the individual clinic, so you ought to shop around for the best price and level of care. 

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