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Long Term Effects of the Macrolane "Boob Jab"

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There have been no major reports of long term side effects of the Macrolane treatment. This is because the treatment is still relatively new and there has not been a large number of patients to have access to for research.

What studies have been published regarding Macrolane?

There has been a study in Japan which was published in the ‘Japanese Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2006’ and this study found that out of the 1,100 people that underwent the Macrolane treatment there were no reports of long-lasting side effects. However, this study has come under scrutiny because of its short-term investigations of the women that took part in the Macrolane injections and therefore there is no real concrete research in to the long term effects of the procedure. This is why many countries such as America still do not offer Macrolane treatments in their clinics, as the procedure still has to go through rigorous testing and with numerous studies having to be done before it is rolled out as a safe procedure across the country.

Have previous patients of the Macrolane treatment complained of adverse long-term effects?

Some women who have had the Macrolane injections on their breasts, have found that their breasts at times became unequal and do not go back to their original look and feel, prior to the procedure. At times one breast stayed larger and more voluminous than the other. Other patients that have had the Macrolane treatment not just on the breasts but in various other areas around the body reported that the scars which were left from the injections were at times large and puckered and became extremely uncomfortable with side effects such as irritation and swelling around the treated area.

Plus with the nature of the Macrolane injections and it being a non-long lasting treatment the short term risks of going under local anaesthetic become much higher and of course the more treatments you have the higher the risks of the side effects of the treatment such as infections and palpable lumps.

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